Five Things Parents Need to Know About Kids’ Glasses

The day you come to know that your child needs glasses can be quite overwhelming even though it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s crucial to remember that your loved one’s visual system develops a lot during childhood and glasses can help ensure normal vision development. Eye doctors and technicians at Eye Health Centres can explain everything you need to know about selecting the best kids' glasses.


We have all-inclusive visual health centres at three major locations – in Shawnee, Regina and Kensington. We aim to provide complete patient care and quality service to all our clients. We have prepared this blog to let parents know about the main five things to consider regarding their kids' glasses.


1.  Fit

Kids' glasses should comfortable and not very big on your kid’s face. The temples of the glasses should extend to the ears and the nose pad should be adjustable. Silicone nose pads are normally used for kid’s glasses as they are more comfortable and help keep the glasses on the nose.


Also, only a small space should be there above the nose when looking at the glasses’ bridge. 


2.  Durability

It’s very important to consider durability while considering buying glasses. Wireframes for kids aren’t durable and there are high chances for them to get bent. Plastic frames are much stronger but their hinges aren’t quite adjustable. Spring hinges can enable the frame’s temple to move forward. This is very helpful as the frames won’t break when kids reposition them.


When it comes to lenses polycarbonate is the best for children. They are perfect for the outdoors as they won’t shatter when dropped. 


3.  Creative expression

Selecting glasses is an excellent way for your kid to express creativity. Also, letting your kid select frames will help them feel more comfortable. Your kid can choose their favourite shape and colour, which will make them want to wear the glasses more.


4.   Repair policies

A good repair policy is essential because glasses are breakable. It will give you peace of mind that if your kid’s glasses can be replaced if something happens to them.

Ask regarding warranties, replacement and repair policies when you purchase new glasses for your kids.


5.   When to wear them

Parents usually doubt whether their kids need to wear glasses all the time. This depends on the kids. 


Making your child wear glasses won’t be difficult if they need them. Glasses will reduce the pressure on their eyes and will help them see well. Also, check with your eye doctor and listen to their suggestions. 


Want to Purchase Kids Glasses?

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