Survey Suggests Parents Require More Eye Health Awareness

  • The Canadian Association of Optometrists conducted a study in 2016 which revealed the following points:
  • Alberta parents rank child eye health as one of their lowest health priorities, with less than 25% choosing it as one of their top three concerns.
  • The survey revealed that more than 75% of Alberta parents are unaware that vision problems can cause speech difficulties.
  • More than 50% of Alberta parents are unaware that vision problems can lead to developmental delays.
  • 50% of parents do not realize that a vision problem may be the cause of short attention spans in children.
  • 12% of Alberta parents are not taking their child for a comprehensive eye exam.


Children should begin receiving comprehensive eye health exams at age 6 months and annually to age 17. These exams are paid annually by the provincial government. Read more about childhood eye health here.

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