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Durable and Lightweight Kids' Glasses in Calgary

Are you looking for eyewear for children in Calgary? At Eye Health Centres, we love providing kids’ glasses in Calgary and Regina. Please visit us! We will be happy to educate you on the unique needs of children’s eye care.

Clear Vision Is Essential to a Child’s Development

Children need clear, properly structured vision to develop their potential fully. Approximately 80% of everything a child learns in their first 12 years comes through their eyes. This is why taking your child for annual eye exams is critical to ensure their eyes are in good health and have an accurate prescription if needed.

At What Age Do You Start Taking Your Child to An Optometrist?

We recommend taking your child to see an eye doctor once they reach six months of age. At this age, the doctor will examine the eyes to ensure good health and proper eye coordination.


Afterwards, the next visit should be once they begin school at age three. At this point, regular visits are encouraged each year. See one of our experienced doctors; our staff will guide you through the visit from the start of the exam to the finish, which may include selecting one of the many kids’ glasses in our Calgary or Regina-based clinics.

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The Kids Love Their Glasses…Take a Look

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Children Have Specific Needs, and Their Parents Do Too!

Children are very active. Indoors, they spend time doing homework, arts and crafts, watching television or playing board games or video games. Outdoors, they play at the park or practice sports. Children need eyeglasses specifically designed for their lifestyle, allowing them to engage in activities safely and comfortably favouring their development. Most parents must budget while their child's eyeglass prescription changes often.

Essilor Junior Package: Tailored to Meet the Needs of Kids

We do it all to make children’s vision better – from routine eye care examinations to prescribing the right lenses, we will help. Take a look at why we recommend our Essilor Junior package for your child’s glasses:

Clear Vision That Favours Development

check mark

No glare: 99.2% of light transmission

check mark

No smudges: hydrophobic treatment

check mark

Protection against scratches

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Outdoor and indoor (transitions)

Little One’s Eyes Are More UV Sensitive and Need Protection Against Damaging Sunrays

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Protection against UV (UVA and UVB) at 390nm (clear) or 400nm (transitions)

Say Goodbye to Marks on the Nose!

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Thin and light

Safety First

check mark

Resistance to impact

More Time to Play Thanks to Easy-to-Clean Lenses

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Hydrophobic treatment for less frequent and easier cleaning

Digital Eye Strain Affects Children Too!

Digital eye strain is a growing concern as children head back to school. A new survey reveals Alberta parents could do more to protect their children.


In addition to paper, pencils and binders, many back to school lists are starting to include laptops, tablets, and other electronics. As children spend more time on digital devices at home and in the classroom, optometrists encourage parents to help protect their children from the effects of digital eye strain.

Learn More

“We are seeing more children who are experiencing digital eye strain after using electronics for more than two hours at a time,” said Dr. Diana Monea , an optometrist in Calgary. “It’s caused by a number of factors, including staring at close-up objects for too long, a lack of blinking and exposure to blue light that’s emitted by electronics.”


The Alberta Association of Optometrists recently commissioned a survey to better understand children’s digital habits. According to the surveyed parents, Alberta elementary-school-age children spend an average of more than four hours a day using digital devices, while Alberta teenagers spend nearly eight hours a day using electronics.


While only 28% of parents say their child experiences symptoms during or after using digital devices, Dr. Monea points out that those symptoms can be difficult to detect.


“Sometimes children complain of things like headaches, blurred vision, and eye irritation after using electronics,” said Dr. Monea. “But many children don’t understand what they’re feeling, and end up with behavioural symptoms like irritability, poor behaviour, and reduced attention spans, making it harder to pinpoint what’s causing the problem.”


Since 80% of learning is visual, these symptoms have the potential to affect a child’s performance in school. Unfortunately, the survey revealed that 59% of Alberta parents are not aware of or do not encourage their children to take steps during or after using digital devices to reduce the impact on their eyes. These steps include taking regular breaks, following the 20-20-20 rule by looking 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, not holding screens too closely, reducing overhead lighting and screen brightness, and adjusting the position of their computers.


“The best way to prevent, treat, and detect digital eye strain is through a comprehensive eye examination,” said Dr. Monea. “We can recommend customized solutions, based on a child’s digital habits, which may include computer glasses or simple day-to-day lifestyle adjustments.”


Dr. Monea opines that the back to school season is a good time for parents to take their children for eye examinations to ensure they have healthy eyes and clear vision before they get back in the classroom. The Alberta Association of Optometrists recommends that children have at least one eye examination between the age of two and five, and yearly after starting school. Infants should have their first eye examination between six and nine months of age. Alberta Health covers the cost of annual eye examinations for children up to the age of 19. For more information, visit

UV and Blue Light Protection for Kids!

Crizal Kids UV™ lenses offer protection from bright reflections, glare, and UV, which can cause irritation, eye strain, discomfort, and damage to developing eyes. These lenses are made from impact-resistant material, making them durable and lightweight. Plus, Crizal® Prevencia™ Kids lenses offer additional protection from harmful blue-violet light from digital devices.

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Optifog: Playing Hockey

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Nano Vista Childrens Frames – Wii

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Luke’s Transitions

Glow in the Dark Glasses

At night, parents can see where their kids are or at least where the child’s glasses are!


For more information, please give us a call.

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Give your child the eye care they deserve with the experienced and friendly staff at any of our three locations.

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