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Our Doctors

We welcome you to browse the bios of our Calgary and Regina eye doctors.

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Dr. Monea has teamed up with Sheldon Kennedy and Paul Brandt to fight human trafficking as part of the #NotInMyCity campaign.

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Welcome Here

Your Local Optometrists in Calgary and Regina

Are you experiencing problems with your vision? Visit our Eye Health Centres; our optometrists in Calgary and Regina will take you through a comprehensive eye exam and assess the health of your eyes. If any irregularities are detected, we will prescribe you medical aid, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. We believe in providing our patients with advice on how to take care of their eyes for healthy long-term results.

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We carry a wide selection of frames for you.

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Our Eye Care Services and Products in Calgary and Regina

Our services include:

  • Eye exams: Our comprehensive eye exams in Calgary are about more than testing your vision. We screen you for diseases, identify measures you need to undertake to maintain your vision and get a complete picture of your eye health.

  • Eyeglasses: We carry an extensive range of unique, designer eyeglasses to meet your personal style. Our team will help you choose the ideal eyeglasses from our ever-growing inventory.

  • Sunglasses: Our premium sunglasses collection can help protect your eyes from UV damage. We have the perfect product for every requirement, taste and budget.

  • Contact lenses:  We have the latest contact lens options for vision correction and comfort depending on your lifestyle.

  • Lenses: Our customized lenses are available in the latest materials and technologies for improved cosmetics and comfort.

Brands We Carry

At Eye Health Centres, we provide a wide collection of eyewear, including sunglasses. Our staff can help you choose the perfect frames that suit your style. We stock a variety of premium brands such as:


  • Oakley

  • Giorgio Armani

  • Prada

  • And more

Calgary’s Advanced Optometrist: Meet Dr. Monea

She’s not just your typical eye doctor. From humble roots growing up in a rural town to becoming an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Monea is a passionate leader in women’s rights. She is an impassioned member of her community, and when she isn’t turning heads with her unique style, she can be found in public forums sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge. Learn more about the team of experienced optometrists at Eye Health Centres.

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What Is an Optometrist?

An optometrist is an eye care professional trained to examine the eyes to detect any defects in the vision. Optometrists will make a health assessment of your eyes and offer clinical advice. They also prescribe spectacles or contact lenses. In their years of medical study, optometrists are trained to detect defects in vision, signs of injury, and ocular diseases or abnormality. If you are suffering from dull vision, ocular disease, or abnormality of any form in your eyes, visit our optometrists in Calgary or Regina.

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To Our Patients

In tribute to all us, within lies a child, regardless of age,
Like the chrysalis of a butterfly in its cocoon.
The chrysalis was still hard but within that shell, new life was bursting forth, ready to escape.
That insect did not realize yet how beautiful it was, it did not know the beauty it would give the world simply by being itself, but when the shell opened and the butterfly emerged, it was you, a unique person that the world had never seen before!

In our offices we believe everyone is special and unique, and we have the honour of helping you in some way of seeing the possibility of what does exist.
Thank you for coming. We care.

- Dr. Diana Monea


Please note: We appreciate new patients, and also enjoy and are thankful for seeing our return patients!

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Eye Emergencies

In the case of an eye emergency, phone the nearest office location in Calgary and Regina. You can also email us at or Dr. Monea directly at

Please note: Eye infections and other eye health issues are treated by our eye doctors.

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Email: Dr. Monea:

Visit Us For Complete Optical Care

We believe in providing our patients with optimum care at our eye clincis. For non-emergencies, you can schedule a regular appointment with one of our optometrists in Calgary or Regina by calling us today. We have local offices in Kensington (serving NW Calgary) and Shawnee (serving SW Calgary). 

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