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Contact Lenses

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Clear and Comfortable Contact Lenses in Calgary

Contact lenses in Calgary and Regina have been a popular form of prescription vision correction for many years. Several years ago, when contact lenses were first introduced, they were available for limited prescription only. However, that’s not the case now. At Eye Health Centres, we have contact lenses available to accommodate nearly every prescription in Calgary.


Whether you used to wear contact lens or are considering them for the first time, contact lenses available from Eye Health Centres has substantial benefits. We have contact lenses in a variety of prescription strengths. We have water gradient lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and toric lenses for those hard-to-fit patients. Our staff will demonstrate to you how to wear and how to take off your contact lens and take care of them. Today’s contact lenses are unlike the contact lenses of the past. The materials and manufacturing processes are considerably different, producing a precise, clear and comfortable lens and offering high oxygen permeability for greater comfort all day long. For more information about our products or services or to get your contact lenses, make an appointment with us. You can be assured that the contact lenses given by us will be of a proper fit that is essential for long-term comfort.

How Do I Get to Know Which Lens Will Fit Me?

Usually, our eye doctors will be very comprehensive in their approach when finding the contact lens that will be best suited to you. 

  • Our doctors will first get an understanding of your goals and reasons behind your opting for contact lenses. For example, are you opting them due to your involvement in some sports or due to your work?

  • Once we understand the core reasons behind your choice, we’ll understand the frequency or how often you are planning on wearing the lens. Is it for day-to-day use or just limited to sports or any other activity? 

  • Afterwards, our doctors will assess the health of your cornea and how much it is dry before choosing the lens that would work best for you. 

Types of Contact Lenses

Due to our dry climate, wearing contact lenses in Calgary might be difficult, but with years of experience, our doctors have chosen the best lens in terms of its type and material that can give you all-day comfort. Our expertise in selecting the best contacts for your lifestyle and vision requirements is something we take great pride in. Here are the types of contact lenses available to us: 

  • Daily disposable contact lenses: These single-use disposable contact lenses are the most practical lens choice and are now accessible to patients with astigmatism and multifocal. You can throw them away at the end of the day; they require no maintenance or effort and are ideal for holidays and swimming activities. 

  • Monthly and biweekly contact lenses: These bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses are reusable, cost-effective, and practical lens solutions that are also available for astigmatism and multifocal patients. They are perfect for anyone on a budget or who prefers wearing lenses only for a few hours per day. One must know they need to be cleaned regularly using contact lens solutions. 

  • Scleral contact lenses: The optics of the eye can be entirely corrected using scleral contact lenses. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and are totally tailored to your corneal shape. They are considered the best option for people with irregular corneas brought on by keratoconus and corneal transplants since they can correct both regular and irregular astigmatism. They provide the best optics even for normal eyes and are also available in multifocal designs. Moreover, these lenses provide a moisture barrier and are perfect for those suffering from dry eye disease.

How Can We Help

Are you experiencing problems with your vision? Visit our Eye Health Centres; our optometrists in Calgary and Regina will take you through a comprehensive eye exam and assess the health of your eyes. If any irregularities are detected, we will prescribe you medical aid, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. We believe in providing our patients with advice on how to take care of their eyes for healthy long-term results.

In case you are not able to see clearly or having headaches a lot lately, you need to book an eye examination with us. When you book your eye examination appointment, make sure to mention that you may be interested in trying contact lenses. Our staff will book extra time with the doctor to discuss this option with you. Our doctors often consult with contact lens companies to provide our patients with opportunities to try new, more convenient, and safer products available on the market today. To book a contact lens consultation, give our Calgary (Shawnee or Kensington) or Regina locations a call. Apart from the contact lens, we carry different brands of eyewear too that are available in customizable frames. Whether you need sunglasses to protect your eyes or eyeglasses to correct your vision, we have it all. 

Who Can Benefit From Contacts?

You don’t have to be a full-time contact lens wearer to enjoy the comfort of Dailies contact lenses. Many people choose to wear glasses for regular activities but switch to Dailies contact lenses for activities that suit their needs. With the flexibility to select Dailies as you desire, our contact lenses are suitable for:

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People who require vision correction but have a busy lifestyle

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Those who want the flexibility of being able to wear lenses when required.

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Those who desire contacts for specific occasions such as social gatherings or when they are participating in any physical activities

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When traditional spectacles become inconvenient to carry 

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People who want to travel lightweight

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Want to see clearly even while they are swimming

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Dailies: A Total Multifocal Contact Lens

Dailies is one of the first multifocal water gradient contact lenses that have been designed to provide comfort and clear near vision, distance vision, and intermediate vision!


Browse through our blogs to learn more about our products and services. Find out if daily wear contact lenses are a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Our team is happy to help throughout the process! Call us for more information about getting contact lenses in Calgary (Shawnee or Kensington) or Regina.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the contact lens get lost behind my eyes?

No. However, in some cases, you might have trouble finding it under your upper eyelid if you rub your eyes and misplace the lens from its position.

Q. At what age can my child start wearing contact lenses?

Contact lenses can help those with presbyopia to have clear near, intermediate and distance vision. Studies have found that children who are eight years old or above can start wearing contact lenses.

Q. How long can I wear contact lenses in a day?

Contact lenses can usually be worn for 14 - 16 hours a day. However, it is best to take them off when showering or sleeping to allow your eyes to rest. While getting contact lenses from us, our eye doctors will make you understand how to take care of your lens and what extra care needs to be taken from your side.

Common Contact Lens Companies:

Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses
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