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Eyewear in Calgary and Regina

Most people wear some form of eyewear, daily – for either function or fashion. You do not have to compromise on either. We have hand-selected eyeglass frames from some current designers. When it comes to your vision, your eyewear should provide you with the utmost clarity, comfort, and function while being scratch resistant and offering ease in cleaning. We recommend you use quality lenses with coatings. For eyewear, visit us in Calgary and/or Regina; Eye Health Centres will do our best to help you get the right look and fit!

All our ophthalmic lenses are polycarbonate and can offer safety and UV blocking. Let us help you keep your eyes safe from damage and discomfort caused by UV or intense lighting conditions experienced by most people every day. Sunglasses are available in a variety of frames, including designer frames and with different lens coatings and tints. We offer sunglasses for both prescription and non-prescription wearers. Come and visit one of our boutiques in Calgary ShawneeCalgary Kensington, and Regina to discover our collection of eyewear!

Our Optical Boutiques

Our optical dispensary custom designs all types of prescription eyeglass frames and lenses. Our emphasis is on satisfying your individual needs at reasonable prices.

Our doctors and staff believe that visual performance depends as much on the quality and fit of the eyeglasses as on the thoroughness of your eye-health examination with proper equipment. We take pride in trying to help you find the product that provides good fit while accentuating your unique style.


Find eyewear in Calgary (Shawnee or Kensington), Alberta and in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Should you desire or require new eyeglasses, we recommend that you place the order through our dispensary. This, of course, is not required but has definite advantages. As a result of discussion and examination of your unique visual requirements, we have gained knowledge of your visual performance. We can then address your special needs and advise you on how to obtain the maximum benefit from your eyewear. In addition, we strive to ensure the prescription is filled accurately and make any adjustments as needed.

In today’s environment of self-serving, one size fits all; we still believe that the collaboration between you and our staff is a better way to ensure the complete enjoyment and proper functionality of your eyewear.

We offer in unique children’s frames. Children’s needs and concerns about peer acceptance and appearance with spectacles have a major effect on self-esteem. With our expertise and selection of frames, we can help children find appropriate eyewear.

Our Brands

We believe in “vision with style” and that’s why we carry a wide range of frame collections.

Our customizable frames are available in carved wood, genuine horn, titanium, and other elegant and stylish materials. Please note that Eye Health Centres is a retailer of Cartier spectacle frames and sunglasses.

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Our Range of Eyewear

Walk into our eye care centre to find suitable eyewear that will match your face, age, and taste.

Our Doctors

We welcome you to browse the bios of our Calgary and Regina doctors.


Dr. Monea has teamed up with Sheldon Kennedy and Paul Brandt to fight human trafficking as part of the #NotInMyCity campaign.


We carry a wide selection of frames for you.

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