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Wide Selection of Designer Eyeglasses  in Calgary

Eyeglasses can be worn for different reasons. We pride ourselves in working with our patients to help you find suitable pairs of eyeglasses meeting your needs, style, and budget. It’s our privilege to assist our patients in all their eye care needs from health to fashion! Visit Eye Health Centres for eyeglasses in Calgary and Regina.

We offer our patients eyewear that can allow greater ease of safety in seeing together along with the appropriate cosmetic appearance. Our staff will advise patients on the different lens materials available. Today, eyeglass lens wearers should consider a proper lens coating, which can reduce glare, protect from both UV and harmful blue light, and with anti-fog easy cleaning without smudging.

We Focus on Fun and Functional Eyewear

Frames are more than just a place to insert lenses. We have over 2,000 frames and styles to choose from, including those for safety, work, sports, appearance, or fashion. All frame companies have both ophthalmic eyeglasses and sunglasses.

one golden and one multicolored eye glass in frame

Get Protective Lenses for Your Eyeglasses 

At Eye Health Centres, we provide protective lenses to protect your eyes from harmful light and give you a clearer vision. You can also get progressive additional lenses (PAL) for all your glasses. We will customize them to fit your specific prescription. The new PAL lenses are more durable and scratch-resistant.

man and woman smiling wearing their eye glasses

Digital Lenses and Frames

Your eyes can get severely affected due to glaring at the computer screen for too long or while driving at night. Normal prescribed glasses may not protect you from the blue light rays, which is why we offer digital lenses. These specially made digital lenses can help reduce halos from lights and protect your eyes. They are available for your distance eyeglasses, reading glasses, as well as your PAL.

We also have designer frames for children, in different styles and colours to choose from, to ensure their eyeglasses suit their face. No matter what the age group is, we have all types of children's frames in Calgary and Regina. 

Designer Eyeglasses for Everyone

Whether you are looking for something trendy or want to go for something more discreet, we have them all. You can visit our office today in either Calgary or Regina to check out our huge collection of designer eyeglasses.

Looking Good and Feeling Fine: Please Check Our “Handpicked” Selection

How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses and Frames

Choosing the eyeglass frames that are right for you and your personality is important. Not every frame will suit your face. That’s why, while selecting the best fit, you need to pay attention to different aspects like the size and shape of your face and other facial features like your eyes, nose, and temple. The optometrists at Eye Health Centres can help you select the right eyeglasses that compliment your face while supporting your prescription. Contact Eye Health Centres to find your next pair of glasses in Calgary (Kensington and Shawnee) and Regina.

Personalized Glasses Recommendations

Our team has years of experience to help you pick the right glasses frames that meet your needs. We consider several factors:

  • Eye exams: With our comprehensive eye exams, we'll be able to get a clear picture of your eyes, including your latest prescription. 

  • Frames: We realize that every person is different and has unique tastes and needs. Our team will help you pick out a frame that best compliments your face.

  • Lenses: With developments in lens technology, we have the latest options in lens materials and coatings for your lifestyle, including blue light protection. people have access to endless options for their lenses to meet their unique demands.

Types of Eyeglass Lenses

We deal in different types of eyeglass lenses that are suitable for all age groups, including

  • Polycarbonate lenses

  • Trivex lenses

  • High-index plastic lens

  • Aspheric lens

  • Photochromic lens

  • Polarized lens

  • Multifocal eyeglass lenses

Find Your New Eyeglasses in Calgary & Regina

At Eye Health Centres, we're always welcoming new clients. Our team is ready to help you find your next pair of eyeglass frames that suit your style and taste. Contact us to learn more or visit our centres in Kensington, Shawnee and Regina to view our selection.

a woman wearing her jewel studded eye glasses

Our Range of Eyewear

Walk into our eye care centre to find suitable eyewear that will match your face, age, and taste.

Our Doctors

We welcome you to browse the bios of our Calgary and Regina doctors.


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We carry a wide selection of frames for you.

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