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Customized Eyeglass Lenses in Calgary

For eyeglass lenses, visit our Calgary and Regina optical boutiques. Eyeglass technology has changed significantly in terms of optical clarity, comfort, and performance. Materials have changed, offering reduced weight, safety, and easy use along with improved cosmetics and comfort. In addition, various lens coatings have been developed to provide enhanced characteristics to a lens, from increased UV protection and blue light protection to scratch resistance and glare reduction without destroying cosmetic appearance. It is our privilege to help you find the products that can enhance your eye care needs.

At Eye Health Centres, we know that there is more to fitting a pair of eyeglasses than just measuring the distance between your eyes. Once your prescription is determined, we will use the Visioffice® 2 to take personalized measurements of not only your interpupillary distance (IPD), but also where in the frame your eyes sit and how they move as you point your head in different directions. This information is then sent to the lab with your prescription to customize your spectacle lenses to both your eyes and your frame.


Lens Materials for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Hi-index (Thinner and Lighter Lenses)

The higher the index of refraction of a material, the thinner the lens can be and still bend the light the same as a conventional material. This allows for a much more appealing pair of eyeglass lenses for Calgary residents, especially in higher prescriptions. Since less lens material is needed in hi-index, it is much lighter. The hi-index material itself blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV light and is tintable.


Lenses made of polycarbonate material are the most impact-resistant in the world. They are a better choice for sports glasses, active children, and for protecting patients with only one usable eye. Polycarbonate blocks UV light. It is an entry-level type of hi-index material, so lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic.

Essilor – Safety


Lens Coatings

For Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

When you decide to get a new pair of eyeglass lenses, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of lens coatings that can be applied at the time of manufacture, which will provide some very helpful qualities for care and comfort.


In general, coatings are selected for properties that include scratch resistance, ease of cleaning, anti-reflective (anti-glare), and UV protection. We recommend the following coatings, which often combine these properties.

Optifog™ by Essilor – NEW!

Optifog™ lenses prevent eyeglasses from fogging up, thanks to hydrophilic coating, while simultaneously offering all the optical and anti-smudge performance of Essilor lenses. The number of eyeglass wearers affected by fog problems is currently estimated at 1.2 billion worldwide, on all continents, irrespective of climate conditions. Whether you would like fog-free lenses for cooking, bathing your children, sports, or in cases where you might wear a mask, such as health care, please come in and ask about Optifog™ today!


For more information about Optifog™, please see these brochures from Essilor:

The Doll

The Butcher     

Crizal Sapphire

Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard™ protector are clear, no-glare lenses. They have 50% less reflection than the no-glare lenses on the market today for better visual comfort and aesthetic appeal. Crizal Sapphire lenses have better scratch resistance for a lens which is more durable and eliminates visual distractions. Ease of cleaning is ample so fingerprints, water, and smudges are easily wiped away; also these lenses are dust repellent and thus stay clean for longer. Crizal Sapphire has no-glare performance – the key innovation of this product is enabled by the Enhanced Light Transmission™ (ELT) System. This technology maximizes light transmission through the lens by further reducing glare and visible reflections.

No-Glare Lenses

Crizal Prevencia

The prevencia coating selectively filters out harmful blue-violet light which contributes to eyestrain when using digital devices. Prolonged exposure to blue-violet light can also lead to eye-related diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. With Crizal Prevencia, not only are your eyes protected against blue-violet light and damaging UV rays, but this coating allows beneficial blue turquoise light to pass through.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are made from a special polarizing film that is applied in the factory on the front surface of the lens. This film allows light rays to be filtered, consequently improving the vision in strong light conditions. Polarized lenses can protect you from UV rays, glare, and intense light reflections. In combination with a reflection-free coating, polarized lenses are ideal for fishing and driving.

Essilor Sunwear


A tint reduces the light intensity that gets to the eye, for better visual comfort. This type of treatment is used for sunglasses, and can be functional or aesthetic. Tints are available in many colours to be used indoors and outdoors.


Preferred Lens Designs

Depending on your requirements and prescription, the doctor may suggest one of the following lens designs to suit your specific visual needs:


These lenses are recommended to help alleviate some of the eyestrain that we face as our lives become more and more focused on digital devices. They help to relax our eyes while looking at objects within an arm's reach while still providing distortion-free distance vision. Eyezen™ lenses are recommended for most pre-presbyopes over the age of 16 who may or may not be experiencing eye strain throughout the day.

Varilux X™

We are proud to offer the Varilux X™ series of progressive lenses. They are the latest generation of ergonomic progressive lenses for all day vision comfort. With the help of Varilux X™, you can maximize your vision comfort all day long. These lenses allow you to keep up with the need for flexibility resulting from today’s active lifestyle and the increasing number of distractions. Featuring the new Flex Optimum™ technology, the Varilux X™ lenses adjust to your natural postures. 9 out of 10 wearers who have never tried progressive lenses want to continue wearing the Varilux X™ Comfort Max lenses. 




Below are the manufacturers of our finely crafted lenses that we provide for our valuable customers:


Dr. Monea’s Response on This High-Quality Progressive


Varilux X Series Lenses Personalized with NVB and Visioffice Measurement

When Should You Replace Your Eyeglass Lenses?

You might often not realize that you need new eyeglasses without any professional help since your current lenses still allow you to see correctly. However, if your eyeglass lenses have an old prescription, they may be doing more harm than good to your eyes and your eyesight. It is essential to frequently get your eyes tested and routinely adjust the prescription accordingly.   


Here are also a few signs that might tell you that it is time to update your lenses:

You are not able to see clearly using your current eyeglass lenses.

There are scratches, cracks, or other signs of physical distortion on your lenses.

Availability of significantly and technologically improved eyeglasses in the market.

Your current glasses do not fit your face, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.

Your glasses have broken, and you are managing to prolong their use with quick fixes.

Wearing old or damaged eyeglasses can cause significant harm to your eyes because they cannot only put additional and excess strain on your eyes but also further deteriorate your vision. In case your eyeglasses show any of the signs mentioned above, it might be time to contact your eye doctor and get new eyeglasses.

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