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Can I Put Prescription Lenses Inside Any Frames?

Your eyeglasses say more about you than you might expect. They are a first impression, a reflection of your style and personality and they might have more practical roots in eyesight correction.

However, choosing the perfect pair is ultimately a fashion statement.

This guide will explore the intricacies of frame design and prescription lenses.

Do the two always go hand in hand? And are you restricted to what glasses frame you can wear because of your lens prescription? Before shopping for vision eye care in Calgary, we have all the answers here.

Eyeglass Frames: The Different Types

Eyeglass frames come in many materials and styles. Variety is ideal in a world with different style preferences and practical needs.

Metal frames are a popular choice. They offer aesthetic appeal and are durable. Plastic frames are also standard, with a good balance between practicality and affordability.

For those looking for high-end material, titanium and carbon fibre offer a unique, lightweight option. Or, for an ultra-modern look, rimless glasses are becoming more fashionable.

It's important to remember that not all frame types fit your prescription following an eye exam. In the next section, we'll explain more about this.

Prescription Lens and Frame Compatibility

Prescription lenses differ as much as frames. You can buy thin, single-vision lenses. Likewise, there are thicker, high-index or multifocal lenses on the market. The difference in weight will shape the sort of lens you can choose.

Rimless and semi-rimless frames may not be secure enough to hold thicker lenses. So those frame styles are more suitable when buying an ultra-thin single-vision lens. The same goes for thin and narrow frame styles.

The Role of the Optician

Your optician is crucial in helping you find a match between your frame and lens. They will start by measuring your face to determine the best size and fit for the frame.

After that, they'll check your prescription strength to assess the lens thickness. Skilled opticians can adjust frames for comfort to help align the lens, providing they are a broad fit.

They can also advise on other essential features of your lenses. That includes the materials and coatings that suit your lifestyle.

Your Personal Frame Style and a Perfect Fit

Although you may find some frames are a better fit for your prescription, personal style preferences are still necessary.

A beautiful and striking frame can act as an extension of your personality. You want to ensure your lens type doesn't mean a compromise on your look. When selecting a frame, consider the colour, shape and material.

Experiment with different styles and try on as many as possible to find what suits your face shape.

This is another aspect of your frame fitting where professional guidance will help. Their experience will point you toward the design that matches you best.

Vision Eye Care in Calgary: Discover Your Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect match between frame and lens is achievable. However, you are more likely to find the perfect fit and style by getting professional advice from your optician.

If you are seeking vision eye care in Calgary, book your appointment with our experts at our Eye Health Centres. We are committed to helping you find glasses that offer comfort, aesthetics and practicality - all in one frame


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