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What Is Included In a Comprehensive Eye Health Exam?

Around 25% of Canadians, who have never worn glasses, haven't had an exam in 10 years.

People often assume their vision is the same, even while they are caught squinting. Technology use and health conditions can impact sight, especially over long periods. As you age, build a family, and navigate life, your eyesight fluctuates.

Getting routine eye and vision care is essential so you don't cause further damage. Read below to learn what is included with Eye Health Centres' comprehensive eye exam!

Reception & Documentation

At the start of your eye health exam, you will check into your appointment and document your history.

Pre-tests and medical history reviews happen at this time. The first part of our routine eye exam helps us to better understand your needs. This will help our doctors ensure that proper testing is completed and nothing gets overlooked.

Our doctors can also help detect underlying health issues for patients. Since many other conditions can impact vision, this is a natural part of the process.

Depth Perception Testing

Depth perception is critical since it impacts how you view an object's distance and size.

Stereo Acuity testing is often conducted by our team to measure depth perception. Lensometry tools can confirm which prescription is necessary. Our doctors will test your depth perception and vision with this equipment and Fundus Photography to provide the best care.

Depth perception tests identify what each eye is taking in from separate angles. Two images form a person's vision, a lack of depth perception could indicate issues.

Colour Vision Testing

The Colour Vision Test is done for people who struggle with differentiating colours and shades.

Red and green are often seen as the same for people with colour blindness. There are varying degrees of colour blindness, which our doctors can help identify. By looking at the cones and retina, it can become clear which hues are hidden.

Colour blindness impacts men more than women in Canada. It's often an inherited condition, but can also be the result of trauma.

Eye Coordination Testing

Eye coordination testing ensures that both eyes are working together.

Eye Health Centres' eye care tips will help you improve coordination to prevent double vision, headaches, and dizziness. The Humphrey Visual Field test is a quick way to look at coordination. This test finds the fixation point of the eye and measures the area that's visible when they maintain a steady gaze.

Advising Session

At the end of your eye care appointment, we will provide you with the next steps.

After testing, our doctors will review your previous and current data. This will help our team identify vision impairments so that proper instructions can be provided. This part of your appointment will impact your long-term visual health.

Prioritize Your Eye and Vision Care

Getting a routine eye exam can prevent vision loss and delay the onset of symptoms.

At Eye Health Centres, you can trust that our doctors will provide excellent eye and vision care. Whether you haven't been to the eye doctor in years or not, you can improve your sight and confidence. With our eye care routine, you can know what to expect and ease anxieties.

Take the time to browse our doctor bios and schedule your first appointment. Eye Health Centres will help you see a clear future!


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