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Working From Home? 4 Tips From an Optometrist on Preventing Eye Strain

optometrist Dr. Chelsey Kritzer

It feels like we do just about everything in front of a screen these days, doesn't it? With many people working from home these days, the number of people staring at screens are at an all-time high. As you spend time in front of the computer, you ought to be aware of your eye health. Spending too much time in front of a computer can result in symptoms like eye strain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and blurred vision. If problems persist, you will need to visit an optometrist in Calgary. However, you may not have the privilege of just spending less time in front of the screen. What can be done to prevent eye strain? Take a look at our guide below.

Better Posture

Posture may not be the first thing you think of when focusing on ways to stop eye strain. A proper posture is the first step in improving your eye health. When sitting down to work at your desk, make sure your feet are flat on the floor. You want to have your wrists elevated to a degree—not flat and resting on the keyboard. The screen itself needs to be under your eye line slightly, creating a downward gaze. Be sure to sit up straight. If you slouch your muscles will tense in your back and shoulders. This will prevent proper blood flow to your eyes.

Improved Lighting

How's your lighting? Even with a backlit screen, you'll want to take note if your room is too bright or dim. If so, your eye health will suffer and you may experience headaches. You want to strike the right balance here with your screen. Too bright and you will be overstimulated, too dark and you'll find yourself squinting. Try to reduce the glare as well by using an antiglare coating and eliminating additional lighting sources bouncing off the screen. Before visiting eye doctors in Calgary at Eye Health Centres, make sure you block blue light as well. Your eyes have difficulty filtering out blue light on your phone and computer screens.

Frequent Blinking

When you sit at the computer as you fulfill your work duties, make sure you are blinking frequently. As you consciously blink you will be producing moisture that helps your eyes. If you don't blink often enough you may suffer from dryness, reduced vision, or irritation. If blinking doesn't do the trick, it may be time to visit an optometrist in Calgary for an eye examination.

Increased Fonts

Another way to prevent eye strain is to increase font size. If you find yourself squinting too much at the screen, then do yourself a favour and bump up the font size. A bigger monitor will also help you which will increase the font size by default.

Visit an Optometrist in Calgary

We hope our tips will alleviate some eye strain in your future. If problems worsen, it may be time to visit your local optometrist at one of Eye Health Centres’ locations in Calgary (Kensington, Shawnee). Book an appointment today if you are experiencing digital eye strain, or to schedule a general eye examination.


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