The Latest and Greatest Glasses

Summer’s here and it’s time to find a great new look. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an important part of your Summer 2018 wardrobe. Keep these trends in mind the next time that you are planning to purchase eyewear in Calgary.

Classic Tortoiseshell
Tortoiseshell frames are a vintage 1950s look that is back in style. Naturally, there are lots of frames featuring the classic yellow/brown speckled pattern that mimics sea turtle and tortoise shells. Now, it is also possible to find the tortoiseshell pattern in a wide range of colour variations. White with brown mottling is an elegant look. Teal and purple speckled tortoiseshell is rather alluring. No matter which frame style you like, tortoiseshell patterns provide a much softer look than bold solid colours. They are a terrific choice if you are searching for a frame that won’t overpower your face.

Transparent Frames
If you are looking for something with a light carefree feel, consider transparent frames. Clear transparent frames are an interesting option for people who don’t want to draw attention to their eyeglasses. Pastel-hued transparent frames, from baby blue to honey, are ideal for people with very delicate features. Some of the most fashionable transparent frames feature a gradation of colour, for instance from pink to dark red.

Lipstick Colours
Fashion forward women will want to sport these bold, yet feminine, frames. Eyeglasses in vivid lipstick colours—from candy pink to luscious red—are all the rage. No matter which style of eyeglass frame you choose, these colours make a daring statement.

Cool Shapes
Some of the most popular eyeglasses shapes this year are retro browlines, oversized squares and aviators. Browlines (also called clubmasters) frame the lens the way that eyebrows frame your eye. These power frames are ideal for business settings. Oversized hipster squares carry a definite creative vibe. Whether you work in a creative field—or you just want to look like you do—these frames will definitely ensure that you are noticed. Finally, aviators (modelled on the original Ray Ban sunglasses) feature relatively large lenses bound by thin frames. Select aviator frames for a classic sophisticated look.


There are so many beautiful new eyeglass frames available for 2018 that it might be hard to choose! Whenever you are ready to start shopping for eyeglasses, drop by one of the Eye Health Centres in Calgary or Regina to view the 2018 collection.